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An “office” with a view! Makes work both more pleasurable and also a little harder to focus.

From MSG’s founder and CEO

It’s August and that means that another MSG Anniversary is here. This is a significant one since we celebrate 25 YEARS this month. The life stages of a company are much like the life stages we all experience in our non-work life. Since 1997 we’ve celebrated significant technological strides and product development; we’ve created, improved and walked away from products as our customers needs have evolved and we’ve experience loss with two MSG employees leaving this earth way to soon.

We’ve also experienced the ups and downs of working in the world of media with many of our customers. We’ve watched some of our favorite companies go from small operations to merging with a much larger group. We’ve developed some really cool software for many of our clients and then watched them have to give it up as they became part of larger organizations. Sad, but the reality of today’s ever changing and shrinking world of media.

What hasn’t changed is our our commitment to the success of our customers. To celebrate our 25 years of database marketing and management we introduced a brand new version of our Marketing Management System (MMS) system that truly brings all the internal and external databases into one marketing system and provides the easiest tool ever to leverage all the data and make it actionable. If you are thinking, well that’s not a novel idea, you should take a 15 minute tour of how we link audience and business data to support the crossover from audience likes and behavior to the businesses who want to reach those segments. It’s seamless. It’s so simple, yet imperative to creating products that your readers and viewers want and finding businesses to support these newsletters and other niche offerings.

Our goal over the years has been to stay small enough to be nimble so we can evolve with business changes. Thanks for Covid-19 we no longer have an office and all our employees work from home. Our daily call is almost as good as discussions around a conference table. I do miss the office chatter. However, it’s tough to beat the view!

I hope each of you are celebrating something significant in your home or work life!

Monica Bartling

Email Monica at or call her at 918.688.2063.

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