New Marketing Management System

The NEW Marketing Management System (MMS) is THE data management platform for use throughout your organization to boost audience and grow sales revenue. The MMS brings all the internal disparate databases together with carefully vetted consumer and business data to provide reports and analysis across your entire organization.

Data from all internal data sources feed the MMS and merge with other first, second and third party data to create the Marketing Management System. Inputs from audience and business data and links among all the datasets creates a powerful marketing and reporting tool.

With a few clicks, your teams can discover how many Sports fans, Home and Garden buffs, political stalwarts or many other interest enthusiasts you have in your market area and find out how many businesses are seeking people with those interests. You will also know many households are currently reading or viewing your products and how many target businesses are advertising in those offerings.

Having all the data in one place and linked to interests, demographics, email availability and current usage makes it significantly easier to develop new products, better market current products and grow audience through print and digital offerings. Let us show you a demo by visiting our contact page.

Example report available in the MMS that shows people who have lived in the market for six years or longer. Note that the dashboard shows the total number of households in the market, total digital subscribers, total print subscribers, total businesses who want to reach these target households and the best available targets for your different delivery options.
One click from any area on the previous report breaks out just that market and gives you all the same elements of information for the larger selection, but for the area selected. This selection process allows the user to get continue to dig deeper and deeper into the data until the perfect targets are selected.
Target lists for both business and consumer targets can be selected with one click and downloaded into an Excel document. for delivery to targets via through email, print or Facebook targeting. The business leads can be either downloaded or sent directly to the reps and then pushed to CRM with one click.