SpringboardIQ starts with quality leads from our preferred source.  Leads are augmented with business intelligence from BizBuzzIQ  that combines your internal sales data (including rules of sales engagement), adds business demographic research and other business intelligence to create a stellar list of leads targeted toward your current sales needs and assigned to the correct sales reps in your organization. 

Leads are category driven as selected by your team or MSG’s logic and contain category of business information, contact info including email, if available. They also contain business demographic information like number of employees and estimated annual sales information. Links to current social media pages help your team determine the best approach for engagement and what products to offer. Example below shows one of the available badges at the top of the lead that show that this lead is celebrating a 10th anniversary.

Workflows push leads to reps email on the day and number that your assign. Leads can either be pushed directly into your CRM or each business can be vetted in Springboard and pushed to CRM by your sales professionals as they pre-qualify and deem leads as viable.  The qualification process is simple.  The sales rep selects thumbs up for those leads accepted and a thumbs down for those not selected as part of their specific needs today.  It’s easy.  It’s efficient. It will help your reps make more money.

  It’s SpringboardIQ by Marketing Solutions Group.