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Market Analysis | Targeted Audience | Inexpensive Delivery

Everyone knows an effective direct mail advertising strategy starts with knowing your audience.

MSG has partnered with the Oklahoman to provide you with an inexpensive delivery method for your direct mail campaigns. Our all-in-one direct mailing services begin with mapping out a targeted mailing list; developing your design and messaging; printing high-quality, cost-effective products; and then delivering it straight to your desired audience for the best possible response.

Pricing is subject to change  |  Other rates may apply

Experian Marketing Services


Target your audiences with precision and insight through Mosaic USA Experian Marketing Services’ Mosaic USA is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation that empowers marketers with the insights needed to anticipate the behavior, attitudes and preferences of their most profitable customers and reach them in the most effective channels.



Infogroup delivers a full range of affordable sales and marketing solutions to help businesses acquire, manage and retain customers. Powered by the highest-quality business and consumer contact databases, these solutions range from targeted marketing lists and direct marketing solutions to ongoing sales leads.