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Turn-key provides data and design for fully managed acquisition and retention marketing campaigns.


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Our Turn-key Program provides a multi-purpose solution.

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First, the MSG support team will build your MMS™ consumer database. Our sales team will analyze your current marketing efforts and provide customized recommendations based on your market. We then develop a modified MMS™ site along with a tracker/campaign manager so results are shared with each update. Our sales staff then conduct extensive touch point MMS™ training with your team.



Next, MSG's design team will customize a strategy for your market based on budget. We then manage, create, deploy, and track custom emails, direct mail postcards and letter packets.

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Welcome Series: We offer a fully automated retention series of emails to your customers in their first few weeks of their print and digital subscriptions. Each series is customized based on subscription plan.

Reader Rewards: We send emails to current subscribers in the form of coupons, event invites and more as a thank you to long standing subscribers. This can connect to your Rewards Program as well!

Renewal Series: We provide an automated renewal series of emails to your paid in advance subscribers during their final few weeks of their subscription. These are based on subscription type and Mosaic™ Profile.

Winback Series: We deploy a WinBack series of emails to your recently expired subscription accounts. We offer these former customers a sliding scale of offers that range from % Off to Gift Cards.

Acquisition: We use your promotional database of households that have never subscribed or are former subscribers. We match them based on Mosaic™ Profile and deploy call-to-action subscription offers.

Winback Series: We deploy a WinBack series of direct mail pieces to your recently expired subscription accounts. We offer these former customers a sliding scale of offers that range from % Off to Gift Cards.

Acquisition: We use Experian® Market Data to pinpoint households that match your best customer profiles. We use that Mosaic™ Profile to deploy call-to-action subscription offers that resonate.

Contesting: New! We now offer contesting! MSG can create and deploy Online contests to acquire new potential subscribers by enlarging your current promotional database.

Surveys: New! We now offer surveys! MSG can create and deploy surveys that are either added into your retention plan or as a standalone option.

More on Design:


Each email or print piece is designed with your specific branding and content.


We also design and deploy your campaigns based on
Experian Mosaic® Data and demographic information to target your message.


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Finally, we build you a Campaign Tracker that aggregates all of the components of each campaign in an easy-to-use dashboard, giving audience managers all of the information they need to develop more robust campaigns.



Section: Projected Revenue

Example of actual customer results

Projected Revenue

New Subscribers








PRINT / POSTAGE             $27,096

Projected Revenue

Running Total
New Subscriber







One Day Sale

Free Sample

Contest / Giveaway

Sunday Only

Weekly (7 Day)

Digital Advantage


FORMERS: Reactivation

NEVERS: New Acquisition

ACTIVES: Conversion /Retention

Mosaic (Type)


Special Interest

Wed / Sunday

New Movers

Reader Rewards

Demo Product

New! Ask about our Business (B2B) Turn-key products.


We now offer a custom plan to help you acquire advertising customers, event / seminar attendees, Best of Business submissions, surveys responses  and more!


Non subscriber sales have increased by 12.12%. Non subscriber contacts have increased by 18%.

The Richmond Times Dispatch

The Post and Courier

Marketing Solutions Group has provided The Post and Courier with a wealth of consumer information in their MMS™ tool.


The Pantagraph

Our partnership with MSG has been extremely effective! Along with great results, their customer service is beyond reproach.


The South Bend Tribune

MSG has been a great partner in developing successful audience development campaigns through their MMS™ tool.


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