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SugarCRM Powered by CP-ADS™

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Your CRM Solution. With a Kick.

Customer Relationship Management


MSG’s latest product combines the powerful prospecting data from the CP-ADS™ system with a world-known, open-sourced CRM tool.  Now sales reps have all of their contact information and customer relationship data in one tool.  Learn more about the CRM tool with a kick, SugarCRM.



No more scribbled napkins or sticky notes


Now your prospect and account information neatly sits in one centralized, easy-to-use system accessible anywhere.



Used by over 80,000 companies across the world.


SugarCRM is an open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution used by over 80,000 companies across the world. MSG has taken the proven SugarCRM solution and enhanced it for media companies.


In addition to standard CRM functionality like sales pipeline tracking, centralized communication among all contacts and leads and campaign management, MSG has enhanced SugarCRM with the powerful demographic and A/R data found in our flagship product CP-ADS™.


SugarCRM Powered by CP-ADS™  Enhancements

• Leads pulled for campaigns using the CP-ADS™ easy-to-use list generator can be loaded in to SugarCRM


• Sales reps and managers can be notified by email that new targets have been identified for specific campaigns.


• Leads and accounts are assigned to reps based on newspaper business rules.


• SugarSnitch automatically sends emails to sales reps and managers to notify of aging leads and potential churn accounts.