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Want to know more about the consumers in your market?


The sister product to CP-ADS™, MMS™ works in the same way but using consumer data rather than business data.  MMS™ allows you to target consumers for direct mail, product development and subscription sales.  Learn more about your market with MMS™


Want to know more about the consumers in your market?  Their interests?  Want to develop products, subscription offers and new revenue streams from advertisers?  Look no further than MMS™.


MMS™ is a tool that offers media companies the ability to easily query consumer data appended with demographic data. The database is built by combining the newspaper’s subscriber data with consumer demographic data to provide a database filled with a wealth of subscriber and non-subscriber demographic information. Other data can be added to MMS™ and we encourage users to use MMS™ as a warehouse for all disparate consumer data.


Marketing Management System

Target Your Audience

Demo Product

MMS™ can be used in almost every department of the newspaper





Subscriber Acquisition and Retention using targeted direct mail, telemarketing and crewing.


Retail Advertising

Profiling advertiser customer list to retain and up-sale existing customers and acquire new advertising customers.


Classified Transient

Profiling classified transient advertisers and measuring market share of the classified transient products.


Solo Direct Mail

Offering Solo direct mail services using the household specific demographic data in the database. MSG also offers a turn-key solo direct mail program to help launch new direct mail efforts.



Measure audience penetration by demographics by adding readership surveys to the database. Learn more about subscribers using the demographic data appended to all subscribers.



Identify likely households for online readership. Profile online readers by adding Internet readership data to the database.