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Marketing Solutions Group has access to hundreds of specific lists through our preferred vendors who will give you the data you need at the best price available.


Upload these lists with your CP‐ADS™ or MMS™ systems for easy analysis, or purchase the data on its own.





New Business

Business that has a new telephone or utility start in last 30 days but has not been verified by InfoUSA. Gives sales reps the opportunity to add them to their prospecting radar screen.



Business‐Specific Data

Create special anniversary –driven products by purchasing businesses with asignificant anniversary (ie. 5, 10, 15). Also you can purchase “Growing and Shrinking” businesses (businesses that have increased or decreased their employee size by 10% in the last year).



New Movers

Those consumers that have moved into (within zip codes, and from out of state) your market. Files are delivered every Friday. Sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription.



Consumer Data

Everything from age, income and presence of children to lifestyle information is available.



Specialized Lists

Did you know you can buy a list on just about anything even “Ailments” such as sleeping disorders, allergies and weight problems? Other examples include Political party, Religious affiliation and Education Level.



NEW Digital Neighborhoods

Targeted lists of those who would be prime candidates of digital information.



Telemarketing/Disconnect Lists

Great for Circulation Departments. Use this information in conjunction with your “do not call” lists.


Daily Deals

Launching a daily deal program? You can purchase a list of those with confirmed interest in daily deals‐type programs.




Purchase a list of confirmed dealers with co‐op programs available.



Email Marketing

Send messages through our third party email provider to be in compliance with email spam rules.  MSG can  also append the purchased email data information to your current customer file.


Included with this service