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Customer Prospecting and Advertising Decision Support

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Your Business Data Warehouse

MSG’s flagship product allows sales reps to access leads in their market. Combined with your accounts receivable data, reps know exactly who a prospect is and their potential.

Business Data Solutions


Call leads with the most potential


CP-ADS™, our flagship product, is a quick and easy tool that gives your team real prospect intelligence. It uniquely joins a newspaper’s advertising billing information with commercially purchased business data specific to your market into one searchable database.


Prospecting with Real Intelligence


The ability to join these two disparate systems provides unique prospecting and querying tools that are unlike others, designed specifically for the media industry.


In addition to the business and advertising data, you have the ability to add other database information such as market survey data or competitive media information. Any information base that contains a business name and an address can be added to the database.

Today more than 200 media companies utilize CP-ADS™



• Measuring business potential.

• Employing sales resources where the most dollars can be found.

• Realigning sales territories based upon business potential.

• Analyzing return on investment for individual products and sales programs.

• Providing sales managers and representatives quick and easy data access.

• Offering multiple levels of access throughout the newspaper.