Say YES to the Address!

Tanya Henderson
Marketing Consultant at Marketing Solutions Group

As media companies are continuing to engage with audiences in new ways, there are a number of contest and survey providers ready to help with new ideas. Growing email addresses and expanding promotions has been part of the ongoing digital vernacular. It’s the game of “quantity wins” because you’ve accomplished key goals for your company and now you have the ability to sell programs to advertisers based on those numbers.

When it comes to registration, the idea is “less is more.” The email address is key and there may be room for one or two demographic questions. But, as we all know, when asked more personal questions like age and income, the person may be less forthcoming with the information and not be completely truthful.

What does this information really tell you?

Unless you tie that information to a street address, you don’t know as much as you think. That’s because the best data companies in the world use address as the key to linking important pieces of information. At MSG, the MMS™ tool utilizes world-class Experian and Mosaic® data that incorporates years of understanding household demographics and how people behave, feel and think about the world. MSG takes that data along with any data you may have from contests, events and other databases and provides a 360 view.

So why do we need to know more?

You sell an email program to an advertiser and then she asks “where do these people live.” What if their interest is in only local consumers with a specific demographic and lifestyle profile? Emails can come from anywhere. With household data you not only know all of that information but whether they are more likely to visit a brick and mortar store or if they would rather shop online.

Next question: “How many people am I really reaching?” How many of us have multiple email addresses? I personally have three. One for junk, one for business and one for important stuff. Which one do you have access to? You actually may be missing key interest information because you haven’t been able to link all of those email addresses together.

It’s up to your organization to decide on how much and the type of information that’s important to capture. But it’s always a good idea to have the discussion with cross-department teams before you determine those important registration questions that may have long-lasting effects on future goals.

Tanya Henderson is a media marketing consultant with Marketing Solutions Group and can be reached at

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