The MSG Story

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Monica Bartling
President / CEO

The MSG Story

More than 20 years ago, when I started thinking about creating a database marketing company to provide affordable solutions to the media industry the technology landscape was considerably different. My brain trust of advisors consisted of a mathematics professor, and two extremely smart data guys who were users of database applications and systems. That meeting and ensuing discussion was when I realized that to create something great you really did have to use a different level of thinking to solve a problem – if you wanted a different solution than you had always achieved.

Every single day of my more than 40 years working within and with Media Companies, I remind myself of Albert Einstein’s quote, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” At MSG, we try to think outside the current thinking with every problem/opportunity we solve.

The original design (crafted on a cocktail napkin at the News Cafe on South Beach) was to build a system that would require a hefty investment in hardware, software and human resources, like all systems of that time. We quickly realized that affordable and all the things in the previous sentence didn’t compute. Not in 1996 and even more so in 2017!

One of our advisors at the time suggested looking into a browser-based system where we would host the software on our servers and provide a URL for users to access the information. My team would do the heavy lifting of the data, provide a secure environment and be the database engineers to build the software. Sound familiar? Well in 1997 it was just being kicked around as a viable business model. In 1998 we launched our very first Browser-based product line.

The South Beach discussions and napkin design developed the concept for the products and services that Marketing Solutions Group provide today. It means that we have always been web-based; always owned our own software; and, always provided hosting and updating services for our clients. That model is now the standard, and the software we write today and the processes we follow today are very different than in 1997, but the core tenants of business are the same. We are a data company first and foremost. A data company that has grown into providing three basic services for our client base of just over 200 media companies.

Our original product: CP-ADS (Customer Prospecting and Advertising Decision Support) is 20 years old this year. Today, the product has become a combination of sales prospecting, sales forecasting and marketing automation and feeds our CRM tool for media. We given it four face-lifts and multiple engineering updates through the years. It may not look the same, but it still provides quality leads for media reps across the U.S. which was where we started. It all goes back to the data and our mission to be first a data company.

In 1997, I firmly believed that it was all about the quality of the data. Twenty years later I still believe it’s all about the quality of the data and providing easy to use tools that you don’t have to be a data scientist to use. Quality data. Simple Tools. A support team that understands data and enjoys helping our customers be successful data-miners and database marketers.

Looking in the rearview mirror is often dangerous, but reflecting on 20 years of getting to do what you love is just plain fun!

Monica Bartling

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• We serve more than 200 media companies.
• We work exclusively with media.
• We provide easy-to-use, Internet enabled data tools accessible anywhere.
• We provide a market analysis of subscribers and non subscribers in the initial start up, then work with you on an ongoing basis to meet your revenue and audience development goals either as support or on a turn-key basis.
• We provide onsite and ongoing web based training and support.
• There are no user fees. You can choose how many users have access with varying levels of access.


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