New Consumer Interest Fields Now Available in MMS™



September, 2016
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New Consumer Interest Fields Now Available in MMS™

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – MSG (Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.), a leader in developing database products and services designed specifically for media companies, is pleased to announce the addition of new consumer interest fields in The MMS™ (Marketing Management System).

MSG’s data partner, Experian®, a world leader in consumer household and credit information, has released new survey data that will be added to all MMS™ customer sites in September.

“This information is timely for media companies who are looking to learn as much as they can about consumer households to grow revenue with events, direct mail, email and other opportunities. Many companies are relying on first party data that may or not be accurate. This confirmed third party data used in conjunction with first party information will provide a more accurate view of the household,” said Tanya Henderson, Marketing Consultant for MSG.

MSG’s MMS™ system allows you to easily segment your market based on demographics, lifestyles, interests and attitudinal/behavioral information.

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Marketing Solutions Group

Marketing Solutions Group is the leading provider of database marketing tools that use Internet technology to equip companies with highly sophisticated database marketing capabilities. Our solutions bring the power of database marketing to all departments of your organization. MSG’s products are used by over 200 media companies and their subsidiary outlets across North America

We can help!

MSG can help build the story that your products are the perfect fit for local businesses and consumers. We know that competition for media buying is fierce. Information and laser targeting can be your secret weapon to sales success. We provide data-informed solutions for your sales and marketing opportunities.  If you find something that works for your team, send us a note so we can share your success.


We love to grow revenue! 
-both business to business and business to consumer.


• We serve more than 200 media companies.
• We work exclusively with media.
• We provide easy-to-use, Internet enabled data tools accessible anywhere.
• We provide a market analysis of subscribers and non subscribers in the initial start up, then work with you on an ongoing basis to meet your revenue and audience development goals either as support or on a turn-key basis.
• We provide onsite and ongoing web based training and support.
• There are no user fees. You can choose how many users have access with varying levels of access.


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